Variable Speed Drum Option (To order with a new roaster only)

Variable Speed Drum Option (To order with a new roaster only)
£927.00 ( £1,112.40 Including Vat )

Toper and fit Variable Speed Drum Control onto new roasters that are being built only, if you are ordering a new roaster then you can pay the additional fee to have Variable Speed Drum control added to your roaster.

When Variable Speed Drum is added to a Toper roaster, an adjustable dial is included on the control panel that can be turned up to increase speed to full - or down to slow the drum right down. This literally slows the speed of the drum turning, therefore keeping the coffee bed at the bottom of the drum and in contact with the drum surface longer. When the drum speed is reduced, the coffee in the drum is not thrown in the same way it is when the drum is at full speed - and this means the sampling spoon will not be able to sample coffee. If you are using low drum speeds and wish to sample the beans from inside the drum - you will need to increase the drum speed to grab the sample - and reduce it again after.

Price for variable speed drum varies depending on if you are purchasing a Shop type roaster or Industrial Roaster.

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