Toper Touch Profile System (Added on manufacture only)

Toper Touch Profile System (Added on manufacture only)
£1,664.00 ( £1,996.80 Including Vat )

The Toper Touch profile system is an optional extra that can be built into the 1kg, 3kg, 5kg,10kg and 15kg plus Toper Coffee Roasters. It can not be retrofitted.

 TOPER PROFILE SYSTEM WITH TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL Roast the best with your fingertips !..

Toper installed advanced Touch Panel to new shop roasters for the best repeatable roasting quality in the easiest way. To ensure the same quality and the same taste profile of your coffee, the Drop Down Temperature, Hopper Open Time, First Crack Temperature, Second Crack Temperature and Drop out –finish Temperature are taken into consideration. Toper Profile Roasting System is developed and enhanced for the use of roast masters.

System Features
* No installation difficulties
* User friendly with touch screen
*All motors are controlled with touch screen.
* One time purchase only (no monthly payments) * High Quality hardware
* Record & Repeat Feature
*Records up 12 profiles
* Suitable for all coffee types and origins
* Suitable for all roasting companies
* No additional parts needed

Incoming screen is the screen where you activate the parts of your machine. These parts are;

EXHAUST TEMP: It shows the temperature of the air that comes out of the exhaust pipe. DRUM TEMP: Shows the temperature of the drum.
SET VALUE: Shows the temperature of the machine that you set. You can adjust the set temperature here.

DRUM START: Starts and stops the drum and exhaust motors.
BURNER START: Starts or stops the burner system of your machine.
MIXER START: Starts or stops the spoons that are in the cooling tray of your machine. COOLER START: Starts or stops the suction fan beneath the cooling tray of your machine. This fan cools off the roasted coffee beans.
PROFILE ROASTING: Switches to the profile roasting screen.

Manual Roasting can be simply started by pressing the DRUM START button to activate the drum and exhaust systems. 


Please note on touch profile systems installed from late 2016 onwards you may need to set the desired language for the system - use this touch profile language setting guide.


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