Toper Pneumatic Loader for 60kg coffee roasters

Toper Pneumatic Loader for 60kg coffee roasters
£8,775.00 ( £10,530.00 Including Vat )

Toper pneumatic loaders / carriers are specially designed and engineered for horizontal and vertical carrying in industrial processes particularly of the coffee beans and also

  • legumes e.g. butterbeans,
    lentils, chick peas,
    horse beans,
  • spices e.g. blackpeppers,
    cummin, thyme, 
  • cereals e.g. barleys, oats,
    wheats, rye, corns,

Toper pneumatic loaders/carriers;

  • are maintenance-free
  • consume low energy
  • save space
  • can carry to high and long distances
  • do not damage the product
  • are low-cost units compared to other systems

Loader are priced excluding shipping, if you purchase an Loader at the same time as a coffee roaster then this is the price you will pay. If you wish to purchase an Loader on it's own shipping will be charged on top of the above price - and is calculated by Toper at the time of ordering.

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