Toper Destoner TDS-120

Toper Destoner TDS-120
£15,840.00 ( £19,008.00 Including Vat )

Toper destoners pneumatically remove all kinds of stone, metal and similar foreign bodies existing in coffee beans, legumes, spices and grained food.

The destoners developed by Toper R&D department are mobile and very easy-to-use.

They are also used as product silos and do not harm or rumple the products during destoning.

Destoners are priced excluding shipping, if you purchase an Destoner at the same time as a coffee roaster then this is the price you will pay. If you wish to purchase an Destoner on it's own shipping will be charged on top of the above price - and is calculated by Toper at the time of ordering.


Dimensions (W-H-D) cm
Standarts ISO-9001:2015 - CE - TSE
Destoner capacity (kg/h)
Power requirement, three-phase (A) 5,2
Frequency (Hz) 50 - 60
Voltage 100 - 110 - 220 - 230 - 380V
Power requirement, three-phase (kW/h)


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