Toper Cafemino 1kg Electric Coffee Roaster

Toper Cafemino 1kg Electric Coffee Roaster
£6,351.00 ( £7,621.20 Including Vat )

The Toper Cafemino is a Mini Professional coffee roaster, bringing all the advantages and superiorities of Toper industrial roasters onto the table top. It fits everywhere with tiny dimensions and roasts up to 4kg/h with premium quality roasting ability. Toper spent more then two years in research and development to ensure the Toper Cafemino makes use of the greatest technology in the smallest dimensions and has the lastest industrial coffee roasting technologies. The safety, heat and energy control systems of Cafemino are the most efficient roastings systems in the world.

Toper continue to innovate the design of this classic roaster, for 2018 the control panel is now mounted at an angle for easier use. The Cafemino now also has an optional Afterburner unit - which the roaster sits on. This electrically powered afterburner removes the smoke during roasting - so the machine only vents warm air during use. Please see our other Cafemino listing for more information and to buy the Afterburner and Cafemino as one unit.

Cafemino is great at cafes and point of sales for its superior quality and industrial running capacity. Cafemino takes the great attention of World Coffee Specialists for it's ability to roast lower volumes then it's maximum of 1kg green coffee beans.

The Cafemino Electric features high wattage heating elements located under the drum in the same location you would normally find the gas heating, this gives the closest to gas drum roasting you can get from an electric coffee roaster.

* Cafemino has a special mixer and cooling tray

* It enables you to roast and cool at the same time

* Roasting time is 12 to 18 minutes depending on load and darkness of roast.

* There is a sampling light which enables you to check and see the real color of the coffee during roasting.

* There is a sight glass so you can clearly see the coffee roast progress

* There is a sampling scoop, so you can remove beans to compare the colours with your standards. 

* Optional extra - upgrade to the Toper Touch Profile System.

* Low consumption

* Instruction and user manual

* Free table + apron

* 1 year parts and labour warranty

* technical support any time


This roaster is sample roaster as well as being a commercial roaster that fits perfect in Coffee Shops.

Cafemino, designed and launched after 2 years development research, is ranking among the best roasting machines of world in 32 countries since 2006 that has been sold. Fully complying with different geographical conditions, climate zones, coffee cultures and operational needs, Cafemino is capable to roast all kinds of green coffee beans of the world.  The innovations of new Cafemino will ease Roastmasters' work a lot and of course we see our Cafemino as a gift to the Specialty Coffee World. 

The Cafemino comes with it's own stand as pictured, it will need ducting outside by using 100mm flexible aluminium ducting from the chaff collector to the outside of your building. Power is supplied by a 20amp 3 pin hook up, which will need hard wiring to your fuse box with a suitable rated fuse inside.

Unless otherwise specified, Toper Roasters are built to order by the Factory in Turkey. Normal turnaround from a confirmed order is 6 to 8 weeks, although Toper do sometimes have stock available or being built for stock so it is always worth contacting us to confirm a delivery time on any specific model. Prices include crated delivery to your premises only, removing the roaster from the crate and into your premises will be at your own cost. Fitting suitable extraction, connecting to electricity and gas supplies as required will also be at your cost. Warranty covers non-wearing parts only, should an issue arise a replacement part will be sent to you. Warranty does not include issues caused by failure to clean the roaster, especially where chaff is allowed to build up or where the fan is not cleaned as per the roaster manual specification. All the general maintenance instructions in the Toper user manual should be followed in full, issues caused by failure to perform tasks such as drum alignment as per the manufacturers instructions will be fully chargeable to resolve.

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