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Toper 10kg Gas Coffee Roaster

Toper 10kg Gas Coffee Roaster
£18,643.00 ( £22,371.60 Including Vat )

The Toper 10kg Gas coffee roaster is the ideal small batch roaster for micro roasters, you can roast upto 10kg of Green coffee at once, and have a roast of coffee cooling off  in the tray at the same time. Operation is straight forward, with controls for the drum/exhaust fan to be on or off, heating to be on or off and the cooling tray on/off. A digital thermostat displays the bean mass temperature, and can be set to your required top temperature - which when reached will issue an audible alert and turn off the heat until the temperature drops below it. Roast progression can be checked via the sight glass and also the coffee picker, the roasted coffee is then released by pulling up on the exhaust gate handle.

TKMSX Shop Roasters are now fitted with a swing arm for the controls as standard, for the listed price you receive manual push button controls to operate the roaster. Alternatively you can pay extra to have the Touch Profile System fitted.Manual push button version does not connect to computers, an optional Data bridge can be purchased to do this. When the Touch Profile system is purchased this includes an ethernet cable to connect the roaster temperature probe information to a computer.

Please note as standard these roasters are now manufactured with two exhaust ducting outlets - one 150mm for the drum roasting exhaust gasses, one 100mm for the cooling fan exhaust.



Batch Capacity: 

10 KGs of Green Coffee 

Roasting Time : 

Brown roast -10 Minutes Dark roast - 17 Minutes 

Hour Capacity : 

Brown Roast 60 kg / Hour Dark Roast 50 kg / Hour 

Dimensions (H*W*L) 

178 (rim of green bean hopper) x 169 x 145 cm 

Chaff collector height is 227cm

Weight : 

500 KGs 

Voltage : 

110-220-380 Volts, 50-60Hz,
1-3 Phase are available regarding to customer preference. 

Type of Fuel : 

LPG or Natural Gas. 

Number of Motors : 

4 motors 

Color : 





Body Type : 

Chrome, Brass or Copper


Outlet ducting is required, 150mm Diameter. Required Air Volume (m3/h) 570

Security Systems:
Gas Security & Pilot System for security and electronic ignition : Cut the gas connection 
    • Mixer Security System: To protect any injury to user from rotating cooling tray arms.
    • Temperature Control: Digital Temperature controls and Digital Temperature indication 

Other Specifications: 
  • Double Wall Drum as standard
  • Security drawer for the beans
  • New type chaff collector for easy chaff discharging.
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling at same time.
  • Sampler and glass window to control roasting
  • Start up manual for easy using, pdf version e-mailed on confirmed order so you can familiarise yourself with the machine prior to artival.
  • High capacity suction for cooling fan
  • Electric and gas components are CE UL standards compatible



Toper Roaster Parts

1-  GREEN COFFEE HOPPER: It’s used to put green coffee inside the drum. 
2-  GREEN COFFEE HOPPER VALVE: By opening this valve, the green beans fall inside the drum.
3-  SAMPLER SPOON : Enables to check the beans during the roasting. 
4-  DUST ROOM GATE: to open and clean inside the dust room. There is two gates on the dust room. Above gate is not usable during the roasting. Do not open it during roasting. You can use the below gate for cleaning the dust room during roasting
5-  COOLING TRAY: Cools the coffee beans in three minutes. 
6-  MIXER DISCHARGE GATE: You can get the coffee beans out from this gate.
7-  VIEWING WINDOW: Enable to see roasting process inside the drum during the roasting.
8-  BURNER ROOM: Pilot flame and burner is inside this area as well as the flame
9-  DUST DRAWER: For cleaning the chaffs which drop down during the roasting from the drum gap. 10- EXHAUST AIR VALVE: Enable to adjust the exhaust fan suction. By closing this valve getting hot the drum is faster. Before 2 minutes closing the burner, it is enable to roast different type of coffees by adjusting the air suction at the end of the roasting.
11- ELECTRICAL CONTROLBOX: All electric circuits is included inside this box.
12- DUST ROOM (CHAFF COLLECTOR) : Collects the chaff from exhaust air and not let the chaff go out of the exhaust system.
13- LAMP: Enable to follow the roasted beans at the same light conditions in every roasting.
14- EXHAUST PIPE: You connect chimney this point.

Standard Features of Toper Roasters

Double wall drum Double wall roasting drum, improved thermal stability and reduced risk of scorching. 
Manual roaster controls Manual roaster controls as standard, push button control of features like drum/exhaust on, burner on, cooling on and mixer on. Digital displays for drum and exhaust temperatures.
Three thermocouples for bean temperature, burner hot air temperature and exhaust  temperature.
Adjustable exhaust hot air control
Adjustable flame length control
Sample spoon and Sample control lamp
Removable draw to catch the debris that falls between the drum and front wall of the roaster
Chaff collector with base opening to remove physical chaff and upper doors to clear fine debris. Latest version is mounted to hang off the side of the roaster, floor standing option available on request.
Fires safety system, you can attach a cold water hose to a fitting on the back of the chaff collector, use your own tap connected to the water supply to inject water into the chaff collector if there is a potential fire. More water then usual will leak from the chaff collector when using this.

Optional Extras to add on to the Toper Roaster

Touch Profile System - optional extra with on screen controls of roaster functions - turn on drum/exhaust, burner, mixer, cooler. Three temperatures displayed on screen - bean temperature, burner hot air temperature and exhaust temperature. Profile system to view roast curve. 
Compatibility with Cropster or Artisan profiling software - on manual control roasters an additional USB device must be purchased. On Touch Profile Roasters the included ethernet cable can be used to connect to the computer.
Drum speed control, on manual control roasters a twist dial, on touch profile roasters on screen slide control.
Exhaust air speed control, on manual control roasters a twist dial, on touch profile roasters on screen slide control.
Afterburner to reduce flue emissions.
Destoner to clean roasted coffee.

Price is for crated delivery of the roaster to your commercial premises only. All connection to gas, electricity and ducting to be arranged by yourselves using appropriately certified engineers using the manufacturers specifications. Warranty is twelve months parts and labour Warranty, in the event of a fault we will obtain a replacement part and send it to you and then arrange for someone to fit it. If you are going to require rapid repairs you are strongly advised to make use of local engineers, the majority of commercial espresso machine engineers will be able to work on these machines - and the most likely failure is the drum or fan motors which are easy to replace and readily available from UK motor specialists.

The Gas Roaster requires 150mm Aluminium Ducting venting outside, this ducting is also the flue for the gas burner. When you have the gas burner commissioned by a gas safe engineer, ensure they check your ducting is suitable as a flue for the burner. Gas burners consume oxygen, so you should always be roasting in a well ventilated room. As with any gas burning appliance a carbon monoxide detector is strongly advised.

Toper Roaster Brochure


Ducting Requirements

All makes of coffee roasters and oxidizers have a blower mounted inside which forces exhaust air into the ducting. The oils and residues in the exhaust air are flammable. In the event of a ducting/flue fire, the internal duct temperatures can exceed 1000° F (538°C), which could cause nearby combustible materials to ignite. For this reason, it is advised to use at least stainless steel double wall positive pressure grease ducting (UL certified for USA or CE for European Union). 

ROASTER: Ducting must be suitable for 1000°F (538°C) continuous and 1400°F (760°C) intermittent operating temperatures.

Note: Under no circumstances should Class B or Spiral-wrap ducting be purchased.

The exhaust system must be designed to operate with a static flue pressure between positive 0.25”WC and negative 0.15”WC at the exhaust of the roaster while in operation.

Designing an exhaust system requires a trained professional to calculate the efficiency of the system and proper size of duct. The ducting must be of sufficient diameter to accommodate the ACFM (actual cubic feet per minute) or ACMH (actual cubic meters per hour) of airflow. A knowledgeable Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor can assist you with the best ducting layout for your site.

It is the responsibility of the roaster purchaser to ensure they fit adequate ducting that complies with regional regulations, we can supply details of experienced roaster consultants who can provide guidance on the entire roaster location, fitting and ducting as well as additional back up support. The rates vary depending on requirements and you would need to contact them first to confirm costs and to arrange to pay them seperately for this service.

Unless otherwise specified, Toper Roasters are built to order by the Factory in Turkey. Normal turnaround from a confirmed order is 6 to 8 weeks, although Toper do sometimes have stock available or being built for stock so it is always worth contacting us to confirm a delivery time on any specific model. Prices include crated delivery to your premises only, removing the roaster from the crate and into your premises will be at your own cost. Fitting suitable extraction, connecting to electricity and gas supplies as required will also be at your cost. Warranty covers non-wearing parts only, should an issue arise a replacement part will be sent to you and then an engineer arranged to fit the part. Warranty does not include issues caused by failure to clean the roaster, especially where chaff is allowed to build up or where the fan is not cleaned as per the roaster manual specification. All the general maintenance instructions in the Toper user manual should be followed in full, issues caused by failure to perform tasks such as drum alignment as per the manufacturers instructions will be fully chargeable to resolve.


Optional - TOPER PROFILE SYSTEM WITH TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL Roast the best with your fingertips !..

Toper installed advanced Touch Panel to new shop roasters for the best repeatable roasting quality in the easiest way. To ensure the same quality and the same taste profile of your coffee, the Drop Down Temperature, Hopper Open Time, First Crack Temperature, Second Crack Temperature and Drop out –finish Temperature are taken into consideration. Toper Profile Roasting System is developed and enhanced for the use of roast masters.

System Features
* No installation difficulties
* User friendly with touch screen
*All motors are controlled with touch screen.
* One time purchase only (no monthly payments) * High Quality hardware
* Record & Repeat Feature
*Records up 12 profiles
* Suitable for all coffee types and origins
* Suitable for all roasting companies
* No additional parts needed

This equipment meets the following standards:

CSA ANSI Z83.11-2006/CSA 1.8-2006 Gas Food Service Equipment, MD 2006/42/EC, LVD 2006/95/EC, EN 291-1:1991, EN 292-2:1995, EN 294:1992, EN 6020-1:1997, EN 1050:1996

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