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Toper Optical Roaster 2kg Batch Hot Air Coffee Roaster

Toper Optical Roaster 2kg Batch Hot Air Coffee Roaster
£9,500.00 ( £11,400.00 Including Vat )

Toper now manufacture a hot air fluid bed roaster capable of roasting 2kg of green coffee, it makes use of the Toper touch profile system to run profile roasts of your coffee, and can be connected to a computer via ethernet cable to use Artisan or Cropster.

The fluid bed roasting system provides 100% convection coffee roasting.

  • Glass Roasting Chamber
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Full automatic hot air flow control
  • Interior Lighting
  • Chaff Collector
  • Touch Screen Profile System
  • Compatability with third-party profile software like Cropster or Artisan
  • Does not require exhaust ducting but you are advised to use under an extraction hood
  • Electrically heated requires 3 Phase power to run, each line 23 Amps total power requirement 40amps.
  • Roasting time is 12 minutes for medium roast, 14 minutes for dark roast.

 Price includes crated delivery from the factory in Turkey to your premises, purchaser will be responsible for removing the roaster from it's crate, suitably positioning it and arranging for an electrician to connect up it's three phase power socket and receiver. Operation guidance and support can be arranged via Skype calls to the factory in Turkey.

Includes 12 months parts only Warranty.

Build time approximately 4-5 weeks.


Toper 2kg Optical Roaster

Toper 2kg Optical Coffee Roaster

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