Toper TKS 36S Heavy Duty Bulk Coffee Grinder (55kg per hour)

Toper TKS 36S Heavy Duty Bulk Coffee Grinder (55kg per hour)
£8,164.00 ( £9,796.80 Including Vat )

TKS 36 Multipurpose coffee grinder
Extremely wide area of usage in industrial grinding

Toper industrial grinders are engineered and manufactured with high technology and superior quality components for high-grade grinding. Besides coffee beans, they grind all wheat and spices with high performance. Many well-known food brands and laboratories prefer Toper grinders for their premium grinding quality.

Known by their highly maintable and user-friendly design Toper grindersconform all food standards.

Models       > TKS 36 S
Weight 165 kg - 364 lbs
Dimensions WxHxD 90x152x58 cm - 35x60x23 in
Electriciy consumption 5.5 kW
Body color options are RED, BLACK and WHITE.
Type of product Grinding capacity
Coffee fine 50 kgs/h 
medium 70 kgs/h 
Sesame, peanuts, poppy seeds fine 150 kgs/h (331 lbs/h)
medium 250 kgs/h (551 lbs/h)
Rice fine and medium
150 kgs/h (331 lbs/h)
Minerals fine 40-80 kgs/h (88-176 lbs/h)


Hopper Capacity is 10kg

Toper manufacture these grinders to order, so delivery can be two to three weeks in total with shipping. We offer a 10 per cent discount off the online price when you purchase this grinder at the same time as a Toper coffee roaster.

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