Tilting Top Knock Out Bin Enclosed Back (1)

Tilting Top Knock Out Bin Enclosed Back (1)
£245.00 ( £294.00 Including Vat )

Stainless steel tilting knock box for waste coffee ground, waste coffee is held inside the tilting bin to be disposed of when full.

Made in AISI-304 stainless steel throughout
Insulation in polyurethane foam, density 40/45m3 kg, totally CFC-free
Seals in santoprene (MONSANTO) for maintaining hot/cold temperature
Sliding rollers in RILSAN, for totally smooth sliding, mounted on brass bearings
Closure fittings (snap locks) made of ZYTEL for total efficiency and durable ruggedness
Magnetic closure through a framework consisting of a stainless steel frame and extruded PVC counterframe. The special profile strip prevents air leaks between the frame and the counter


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