Brazillian Nature Yellow Bob-o-Link Arabica Green Coffee Beans Moccoa (1kg)

Brazillian Nature Yellow Bob-o-Link Arabica Green Coffee Beans Moccoa (1kg)
£12.45 Zero Vat

High quality green coffee beans from select Estates, this Fazenda Boa Vista Yellow Icatu os Citrus Fruity with hints of honey and plum.


"Terroir" coffees are coffees for which we work long term relations with very selected farms, in order to have and improve their quality year after year. They have a full traceability, most of them Estate coffees, when not parcel or farmer lots, and eventually with cooperatives very engaged with quality. They score from 84-86, when Estate coffees, and a minimum of 85 when microlots. All of them are packed in grain pro


Divinolândia is one of the 645 municipalities in the State of São Paulo. This coffee comes from the Fazenda Bela Vista, which is partner of the Bob o Link Project managed by Silvia Baretto and her husband Marcos Croce from the Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) created in 1850 by the Baretto family. The Fazenda Bela Vista estate was taken over at the beginning of the 2000s by João Cecimiro Marques Dos Santos after several years of neglect. His first action was to replant more than 12,000 trees on the estate over a period of 10 years to recreate a totally natural environment for the coffee plants. The effect of this strategy was to slow down soil erosion and redevelop an ornithological fauna unique in Brazil. This Yellow Bob o Link is made entirely from yellow varieties and respect the Charter of Bob o Link.
To become a bob-o-link farmer, the producers have to:

- Start planting trees for shade, and all over the farm
- Do barriers, to preserve water
- Start decreasing the use of fertilizers & pesticides
- Install African beds & pre-sorting machines on the farms (with their financing help)
- Selective harvest. Being mountain & small farms, harvest is done by hand
- They help them, to change their food habits
- Interest in coffee cupping & recognition
- Have some alternative productions. It is quite common to see lots of animals on the farms, such as
cows for milk products & meet, and vegetables production
- With all these, birds & bees would come. For the first, they ask respect, from the seconds, to get into
honey production.

  • Farm Fazenda Bela VIsta
  • Producer Joao Cecimiro Marques Dos Santos
  • Region Mococa (Brazil)
  • Varietal Arabica-yellow varieties blend
  • Altitude 1000m-1100m
  • Process Natural
  • Grade Speciality
  • Harvest Period June to September
  • Packaging Grain Pro + Jute Bags
  • Conditioning info terroir

Cupping profile

  • Character Bright
  • Aromatic repertoire Citrus and Fruity
  • Score 87
  • Flavours Honey Plum

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